Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Devout Christian Couple Who Run A Guest House In Cornwall Are To Appeal Trumped Up Conviction

I am glad to see this couple are making an appeal against their conviction that was a "Breakthrough" case that was aimed at persecuting all businesses who won't completely change their policies to appease a minority. What i am sad to say though is that their appeal is doomed to failure before it has even started. Their trial was designed to earn them a conviction, in order to secure a "Special Rights" status that has previously only been enjoyed by immigrants, for the gay community. They did not receive a fair trial and they will not receive a fair appeal hearing. The equalities industry has stitched them right up.

For those of you not in the know of what i am talking about, i speak of a case where the Equalities industry sent a gay couple called Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy into the Chymorvah Guest House in Marazion, Cornwall knowing that the lovely, elderly Christian couple called Peter and Hazelmary Bull who run the place had a policy that unmarried couples where not allowed to share a room. This policy also applied to straight couples as well as gays, but that was completely  disregarded by the courts who had their own equalities agenda. Another thing that was completely ignored by the showtrial was the fact that the couple where not told they couldn't stay there, they where offered two seperate rooms.

So these two gay men had gone into this guest house with an aim of finding something they could get offended over, and when they where told that the same rules that apply to straight couples would also apply to them that was all they needed to sue them, their case.funded by the Commision of Equalities and Human Rights (who in turn are funded by the taxpayer, so in reality this elderly couple where sued by Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall who where using taxpayers money to fund their case.)

So there you have it folks. Gone are the days when the proprietor a Guest House can enforce company policy about unmarried couples in case someone gets offended and sues him.

These same rules don't apply to Guest Houses owned by gays though. For example, the Hamilton House in Bournemouth who's website can be found here:


somehow get away with enforcing a policy of not allowing women to stay. I am sure that if a straight man was looking to spend a night there and let his sexual preference be known and that he isn't interested in having sexual contact with other men then he would also find himself out of luck and the place has no vacancies. Not only do they "Get Away With It", but according to their website, they have the full blessing of the EHRC, the same government body who funded a lawsuit against the lovely, elderly, religious couple Peter and Hazelmary Bull.

Let's compare the two and see who deserves to be sued.

The Chymorvah Guest House in Marazion, Cornwall is ran by a lovely, elderly Christian couple called Peter and Hazelmary Bull. They are very religious and believe in the value of marraige. They don't believe an unmarried couple of any sexual orientation should be allowed to share a bed and therefore won't allow it under their roof (or didn't until the government forced them to). So therefore an unmarried couple can stay in their guest house, just not in the same room.

The Hamilton Hall is owned by a gynophobic, heterosexist deviant called John Bellamy and his male partner. There is a pornographic image of him in every room for all guests to look at and he describes himself as "A Master Of Sexuality" or even "A Sex Guru". This man clearly has sex on the brain, he is sex mad and his interest in his clients is clearly more than on a professional level. A hetrosexual couple, married or unmarried, would be turned away from his guest house purely on the grounds of their sexual orientation. He would turn women away purely on the grounds of their gender.

The government funded the first couple to be sued, whilst giving the second couple their approval.

I point out that if a straight man who ran a guest house left a naked photograph of himself in one of his hotel rooms for one of his straight female guests to find and took the same sexual interest in his straight female guests that Mr Bellamy does his gay, male ones then hopefully he would be arrested and put in prison. Conversely, if i was to check into a guest house and there was a full on beaver shot of the middle aged woman who was running the place, framed, polished and on the bedside table i think that would freak me out and make me dial 999, So why does he get away with things that straight people of a different sexual orientation would get sued and/or imprisoned for?

The law is an ass.


  1. This is outrageous. Why should a couple be forced to accept perverts in their own home? They believe in the sanctity of marriage, and for this 'offence' are being prosecuted. Why couldn't the homosexuals simply go to another guest house, as I'm sure unmarried heterosexuals have done in the same circumstance?

    As for the Bournemouth case, thanks for the tip! If I find myself on the south coast, I will NOT be visiting the Hamilton House of Horrors!


    I suggest you find out the facts before you write any more unenlightened clap trap.

    Hamilton Hall is MEN ONLY - NOT restricted to gay / bi men only.
    John Bellamy - myself - is celibate. I do not have sex and I do not promote open displays of sexuality within my hotel. What goes on between consenting adults in the privacy of their room is not my concern. Why are YOU so concerned with other peoples sex lives ???

    Hamilton Hall is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL VENUE - so to see a half naked picture of myself in the brochure, is no big deal considering you will see a great deal more within the building and please remember, God gave me this body as he gave you yours - so why are you so ashamed of it.

    Hamilton Hall is also a spiritual retreat style hotel where we teach a lot of things besides sexuality, like meditation, healing, ancient breath work techniques and we even have lengthy talks on the Bible etc. and a great deal of loving Godly work. Shame on you who concentrate your dirty little minds on sex all the time - says a great deal about you really.

    Interesting that after 100 years of bigotry aimed from straight people towards gays, that when the tables are turned and the law supports those gay men who pay the taxes that pay for your children to go to school, you accuse us of bigotry against you. How interesting that you can sure dish it out, and you sure do hate it when it seems the other way round.

    Who is being Un Christian and spitting on the words of Jesus when he said 'Love thy neighbour as thyself.' and who is it that lives in fear of his fellow man for simply being gay - when we at Hamilton Hall love all our fellow men, women and children without some perverted sexual thoughts running through our heads - as you seem to concentrate on all the time whenever you talk about gay men.

    So who here is the real sexual deviant ?


    To add a further comment.

    No business is allowed to discriminate against anyone, be they gay or straight, black or white, married or otherwise, and when a couple open up their home as a business, even if they only have one or two bedrooms, there are laws that apply that we must all follow. It is the law - and whether we like it or not, it is the law.
    Hamilton Hall had a complaint from a women wanting to stay here - and although there are thousands of hotels in Bournemouth, she deliberately wanted to stay in a men only venue - and we were approached by the Human Rights and Equality Commission with a requirement to state how and why we thought we could continue as a men only venue now the law had been changed, or face prosecution, as she had complained.

    We are not financed by anyone and I spent hundreds of hours on the internet and with my lawyer going through the law and finding out what it truly says, and there are several areas where dispensation from the law applies - ie: a girls school - the Women's Institute - a safe home for battered women - etc. and so there should be. It is simply not always appropriate to mix the sexes and whether you like it or not, men and women need time with their own sex - whether its guys down the pub with their mates or women with other mothers - wives - workmates etc, and denying this is naive.

    If the Christian guest house had advertised itself as a Christian retreat or checked up on the law and what it says and found some dispensations like we have done, then it would / could stop any abuses or misrepresentations in the future. They really were skating on very thin ice denying even a straight couple who were not married - as just imagine if Tesco or M&S had such a policy - and remember, this guest house is a business like any other, regardless of how small it is.

    Hamilton Hall is not a sex den, not a sleazy venue or anything else that many people assume even though they have never been here or taken the time to read our web site and find out the truth for themselves - and we passed 3 different dispensations from the law because of the type of venue it is, and if you take the time to read our web site you will find out - extensively - how we passed. It's all there for you to read, and even with my comments about what an ass the law is.

    The last bastion where abuse and prejudice was still legal, was against the LGBT community - and for hundreds of years we have faced abuse and violence against us from scared straight people - homophobic fear from those who fear their own sexuality or who still follow an outdated book used by some to foster abuse and prejudice, but which the vast majority of people in the UK completely ignore until it suits them to claim some part of it as fact and yet live in complete ignorance about what it actually - and truthfully - does state - and why. If you REALLY want to know what the Bible says about gay men, just ask me or see my web site.

  4. Continued:-

    Hamilton Hall appeared on Channel 4's '3 IN A BED' and we received tens of thousands of e mails from STRAIGHT PEOPLE congratulating us on the good work we offer and the sanctuary of care we provide - and it would behoove those who throw abuse at us to read the facts first and not listen to idle gossip and realise that even we are appalled at the 2 guys who - it would seem from the reports - deliberately set out to book into a Christian guest house and cause trouble - just as the women did with us here. It serves no one and just puts peoples backs up against other minority groups, which is ignorant and destructive behaviour.

    Those who then write untruthful reports about other venues without finding out the truth are just as vile and just as trouble making and wear their prejudice on their sleeve. Those who scream loudly through ignorance are exactly why we need laws to protect all minority groups from those who fear them. Those who throw insults and obnoxious comments about others they do not know, have never met or taken the time to read about and who make up their minds according to their own screwy fear based bigoted viewpoint of life, need to grow up and realise they are the very reason laws are needed to protect others from them... that they are the cause of such problems and the reason many innocent and wonderful people live in fear. This law now allows those who have lived in the shadows to stop being afraid and be proud of who they are, gay, straight, black, white, married or single, - anything - as we are all God's children - despite what the bigots would claim.

    John Bellamy

  5. Thanks for getting back to me.

    The point i was trying to make is that the two who went into the Cornish guest house went in purely with an agenda to cause trouble.

    Despite the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of guest houses in Cornwall, they just HAD to chose the one who had a policy that wouldn't allow them to share a room. Just like the two women who you speak of who tried to book a room at your place and got offended when they couldn't.

    Yes the Chymorvah Guest House is a business, but shouldn't the owner of a business not be allowed to enforce simple company policies that if potential customers don't wish to follow then they can always take their custom elsewhere, to a guest house that would be glad of their business?

    I also used to run a business. I ran a pub. If somebody came into that pub with the intention of causing trouble then i was well within my legal rights to refuse him/her service. Aren't all business owners offered the same legal rights?

    You say "They really were skating on very thin ice denying even a straight couple who were not married - as just imagine if Tesco or M&S had such a policy" - The same could be argued more strongly against your business. Imagine if Tesco or M&S refused to serve women? These hotelkeepers where not refusing anyone service, they where just saying they had to follow house rules.

    I think the law that has been changed to appease minorities has had a negative impact on the majority. I think that gay or bisexual only venues SHOULD be allowed, i also believe a business, particularly a hotel/guest house/B&B should be allowed to reject custom for whatever reason. If they don't feel comfortable with a customer then they should be well within their rights to turn him/her away instead of being forced to allow this person to sleep under their roof.

  6. In answer to your comments above, the Chymorvah Guest House does not state - even now - on their web site that they have strict Christian guidelines and even now it has gone to court and even to appeal, which they also lost, they have STILL not addressed the problem they have in running their business and illegally prohibiting un married couples and 2 men in the same bed and nowhere on their web site does it state anything concerning this. Naive they may be, but after a costly and difficult court case, where these people have STILL not made some changes, then these people do not deserve to own and run a business of any kind, for that really is ignorance and just stupid.

    Tesco and M&S do have the right to refuse to serve you and the right to ban you from their private property - as has any business, but not if through deliberate discrimination, as this guest house did. Your pub cannot ban you for no good reason and not just because you are women or black, but because you are drunk or violent - just as any business can. Your pub can - however - be a men or women only space if you check the law, find some exemptions to the law, and if accepted, you can legally discriminate.
    It's time the Chymorvah Guest House did some searching and advertise it on its web site - as Hamilton Hall has done LOUD AND CLEAR and then there will be no need for court cases and hurt feelings.

    John Bellamy

  7. Sorry to disagree with you on this one Mr Bellamy, but under the Licencing Act 2003, a licensee can refuse service or admission for whatever reason and does not have to give a reason why.

    It is usually company policy in any public house not to give a reason. Their reason behind this policy....have you ever tried arguing with a drunk?

    And talking about deliberate discrimination, does Hamilton Hall not deliberately discriminate against women? If not, why the gynaphobic policy that women are not allowed to stay under any circumstances?

    The Chymorvah never said gays where not allowed to stay, they just said they where not allowed to share a room if they where not married. In the eyes of anyone but a militant homosexual, your policy of discrimination is much worse than the policy of the Chymorvah.

    1. Thanks. Joe in fact we should report this to the Equality and Women's Minister about the entire corruption in the EHRC and complain to our MPs as well.

      Joe, you could not make this up, in exactly the same town as the Chymorvah B&B, Marazion, there is the Chymorgen B&B which BANS men and heterosexual couples from staying the one the premises.


    2. And unfortunately their appeal was lost

  8. Don't forget the NWO promotes protects Homosexuality and Pedophilia because it breaks down the family unit and Society
    It is also population reduction
    The above can adopt children and indocrinate this perverteddness so that it impacts on successive generations in some cases being accepted as the norm if it doesn't screw up their lives
    Anything Anti Christian and Apostate is go in the Jew handbook to break down all standards of moral decency based on Christianity

  9. I accept no legal responsibility for the Comment left by anon 27/4.

    The reason i let it through was because i believe his freedom of speech and expression are much more important than whether or not someone gets offended.

  10. Anon 27/4 really needs to learn the truth and realise how dangerous he and his comments are./

  11. FACT; The VAST majority of pedophiles are heterosexual
    FACT: The VAST majority of pedophiles are family members
    FACT: The VAST majority of gay men want sex with MEN, not little boys.
    FACT: The VAST majority of homophobic men - those who fear gay men - are hiding their own latent homosexuality and out of fear, damn and destroy the very thing that others celebrate, that they hate within themselves.

    In return, they fear and hate those who live an out and proud gay lifestyle and will offer damnation and destruction in return. It is actually quite sad that we cannot all just be who we are, gay - straight- bi - trans etc., and allow others to get on with their own lives and stop putting our bigotries on others.

    Even the Bible says to Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    People love to combine the words homosexual and pedophile in the same sentence - as mud sticks - while the truth is that straight men are hugely more likely to be the pervert child molester than ever a gay man is.

    UNEDUCATED BIGOTRY is what destroys and causes strife in communities and it is ignorance and fear that destroys innocent peoples lives.

    John Bellamy
    Hamilton Hall

    Brave enough to stand up, speak my truths, and be counted. Unlike the cowards who hide behind their computer screens and are names ANONYMOUS.

  12. Mr Bellamy, it is all very well standing up and speaking your mind when the law is on your side, but would you do it if Homosexuality was still illegal and openly flaunting It could mean being taken away and put in prison and possibly never being seen again?

    You must understand that if these people identified themselves then for expressing their opinions they could be jailed. I think punishing someone for expressing their views is totally unacceptable. Even if the stuff they think and say is wrong, people should be entitled to think and say what they like. However that anonymous poster is fortunate enough to have you on board to correct him.

    I may not agree with what either of you say, but I will defend anon's right to be homophobic, just as much as I will defend your right to be gynaphobic

  13. You REALLY do have to get your facts straight as you are really grossly in error.

    GYNAPHOBIC is a fear of women, and since when has a gay man had a fear of women, as we get on really well with women and many gay men have hordes of women friends. We do not fear women, we just do not want sex with them, not out of fear. I hate anchovies but I do not fear them.

    You really need to stop using big words if you cannot get them right in context.

  14. Anon 28/12, I presume it was you who also wrote that anti-Free Speech comment that i just rejected ( i rejected it because I am a staunch advocate of free speech, I will not allow people to use free speech to protest against free speech on my blog. There is no place for your homo-fascism here. The comment that so-offended you is over half a year old and you must have searched google to find it. If it offends you so much then simply dont look for it, otherwise you are going out of your way and making painstaking efforts be offended).

    If Mr Bellamy is not Gynaphobic, then why will he not allow women to stay at his guest house? So far two hotels have been sued for "Homophobia" for much less. But it seems that not only does Mr Bellamy get away with it, he also has the full backing of the ECHR.

  15. Well it seems that ignorance still rules the day and when honest and truthful dialogue is entered into, some bigoted and ignorant people are unprepared to listen and grow and evolve into a more educated and tolerant human being - and this dialogue here has left me acknowledging exactly why the LGBT community needs legislation protecting it from the bigots and homophobes and those who live in blind fear of their own sexuality and so will damn and destroy others with lies, misinformation and blatant fear - and if you have not learned anything about the LGBT community from this dialogue and STILL believe gay men hate women ( which is absolute rubbish and a childish attitude after all that has been said ) then I give up on trying to explain to those who are you are blocked, who have closed mind and no matter who says what - they remain blind to the truth and that makes them dangerous.

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